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Lynnmore Estates holds it's 3rd Annual Christmas parade

The Lynnmore Estates neighborhood held their 3rd annual Christmas parade today to show their neighborhood is on the rise.

Pastor Rayford Johnson of Countryside Baptist Church said they started the parade to give kids in the neighborhood a chance to see one, after he found out many kids there don't get to go downtown to watch Macon's annual parade.

Johnson says he also thinks this parade shows they're turning the neighborhood around.

"We want to be a neighborhood, we want to be an established neighborhood, we want our neighborhood to be a place where people can come walk down our streets and not say 'I'm scared.' When I came here 20 years ago nobody walked the streets because they were scared," Johnson said.

During the parade they gave out candy and meals that families can cook at home.

Habitat For Humanity has partnered with the neighborhood for several years now and built many homes there. They also participate with the parade.