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Macon Shalom Zone Training Series Proposed Outline: May 30,2015 – August 15, 2015

Session 1 Detail: May 30, Saturday, 9am (5.5 hrs) –Orientation/ Sustainable, Systemic Change

Introductory Conversation:

Opening Statement form Mayor Reichert; Introduction of other City Officials (15 min)

Overview and History of the Shalom Movement (Rob) (30 min), introduce Jim

Course Overview (National Trainer Jim) (10 min.)

Personal introduction - Jim

-Table outline and description: workbook pp. 7-8)

Six Threads (National Trainer Jim) (pp. 2-3; powerpoint? 10 min)

Getting set up for computer/online course (Rob) (20 min)

Macon Shalom Zone team introductions and highlights (30 min)

Introduce neighbor?

“Seek Shalom” (National Trainer)

- Jeremiah 29 (wkbk p. 12 ) reading; discussion of words, feelings, thoughts (15 min.)

-Temescal Commons – GREAT community (powerpoint) (10 min.)

Activity: Web of Interconnections (Jim) (15 min.) – (Outside?)

Serve Lunch

Presentations/ Content:

Introduction to Systems Thinking ( While eating lunch)

Identifying Systems that Contribute to Poverty (Travis) (20 min.)

From Toxic Charity to Building Resources (Travis) (20 min.)


Defining Your Shalom Zone (Frank/National Trainer) (40 min.)

(Participants in groups?)

Planning for Shalom

Prophetic Imagination (National Trainer Jim)

Visioning the Shalom zone exercise (wkbk. P. 19) (started; to be completed as homework) (15 min.)

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer Jim)

-Lake Metaphor powerpoint? Changing the systems of affordable housing: homeownership/land trust? (15 min.)

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer Jim) (5 min.)

- At home: Watch Videos: Shalom Song and Liturgical dance

- Keeping a Journal

June 13, Saturday (2.5 hrs)- Computer Lab – Sessions 2 and 3 homework (Travis)

June 26, Friday 5:00 (3.5 hrs) Session 2 Health, Healing, Harmony and Wholeness

Introductory Conversation: The Peaceable Kingdom (Travis)

Presentations/ Content: Valerie Hicks, Bibb County Health Department

Workshop: Applying Community Health Assets (National Trainer)

Planning for Shalom

Vision to Mission (National Trainer); [Move to Saturday morning]

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer); [save this til Saturday]

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer)

June 27, Saturday, 9am (5 hrs) -Session #3- ABCD

Introductory Conversation: “What’s In Your Hand?” (National Trainer)

Presentations/ Content:

“What Does ABCD Look Like?” (Travis)

Mobilizing Assets (National Trainer)

Workshop: Mapping Assets (Travis, National Trainer)

Planning for Shalom (National Trainer)

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer)

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer)

July 11, Saturday (2.5 hours)- Computer Lab – Sessions 4 and 5 Homework (Travis)

July 24, Friday, 5pm (3.5 hrs+): Session 4 Love for God, Neighbor and Self

Introductory Conversation: “Free Hugs” (National Trainer)

Presentations/ Content: Non-Violent Communication (Travis)

Workshop: Transforming Conflict (National Trainer)

Planning for Shalom

SMART Goals (Travis) [Saturday morning]

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer); [Saturday morning ]

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer)

July 25, Saturday, 9am (5 hrs) -Session 5 Organizing for Community Transformation

Introductory Conversation: Holy Boldness (National Trainer)

Presentations/ Content: Models and Strategies of Organizing (National Trainer)

Workshop: World Café Model of Small Group Discussion (Travis)

Planning for Shalom

“7 Essential Elements of your Strategic Plan” (Travis)

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer)

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer)

August 8, Saturday, 9 am (5 hrs), -Session 6 -- Many Cultures, Many Faiths

Computer Lab – Sessions 6 & 7 Homework (Travis and Jim)

Introductory Conversation: Similarities and Differences (National Trainer)

Presentations/ Content: Panel Discussion-Mayor’s Clergy Council

Workshop: “The Hidden Rules of Economic Class” (Travis)

Planning for Shalom

Outcome Measures (National Trainer)

Methods Review Resources (National Trainer)

Homework; Inspiration (National Trainer)

August 15, Saturday, 9am (4.5 hrs?) -Session 7 Review and Commissioning Ceremony

Introductory Conversation: “I Have a Dream” (National Trainer)

Presentations/ Content: Course Review and Presentation of Plans (National Trainer, Shalom Zone Teams)

Workshop: Funding Your Shalom Zone (Frank Austin)

Planning for Shalom

Commissioning Ceremony

Next Steps (Frank Austin)

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