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Lynmore Estates Neighborhood Cleanup of July 20, 2013

On July 20, 2013, the Lynmore Estates Neighborhood Clean-up produced over 333 bags of liter and debris and was awarded $1000.00 for the effort by the City of Macon’s Economic and Community Development Department.


Pictured left to right are: Benny and Alma Harrell (residents), Pastor William Rand (Southside Community Church), Harold Tessendorf (Macon Area Habitat for Humanity), Carrie Redmond (Lynmore Estates Neighborhood Watch President), Katherine Buchmann (Economic and Community Development Department), Jennifer Gagne (resident) and Sundra Woodford (Macon Area Habitat for Humanity).


NRI Coordinator, Sundra Woodford (far left) during neighborhood clean-up counts bags for the Cash-For-Trash program. Volunteers and residents collected 333 bags resulting in $1050 for Lynmore Estates.

News articles from 13WMAZ on the event:

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Lynmore Estates Garden Club Kick-off


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High Tea in the Mediation Garden at 594 Melvin Place on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 1 pm to 2:30 pm to kick-off Lynmore Estates Garden Club.